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Larry Fitzgerald got body slammed on a play that didn't even count

We’re not sure this makes sense.

In a week where we saw Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown get fined $24,000 for twerking, we now see Larry Fitzgerald get thrown to the ground, and no flag thrown.

Fitzgerald’s catch didn’t count, there was no first down, and the play was blown dead. He was then tossed to the ground by 49ers linebacker Michael Wilhoite.

Fitzgerald was fine, but it seems pretty crazy that a celebration isn’t allowed, but when a play is over, this is allowed during the game with no whistle.

Twerking is safer than that, but it will cost NFL players more money. What a world!

Fitzgerald responded to the wrestling moves well, by following it up with a pair of touchdowns, including this one:

You can watch the rest of game on SB Nation, right here!