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The Suns are keeping track of how often their players high-five for science

Teams at all levels in all sports are always looking for a way to get a leg up on the competition, so it should come as no surprise that an NBA franchise is thinking a little outside the box as far as statistics go. What are they doing, you ask? Well, they are tracking how many times their players high-five in a game because studies have shown teams who high-five more also tend to win more.

Per Head Coach Earl Watson:

"We have a high-five stat. I'm being honest with you. This is true. So we want to keep track of how many high-fives we get per game to each other."

As we mentioned, there is some science behind this but whether or not just giving out more high-fives will be enough to bring the Suns an NBA Championship seems ... uh ... unlikely. But hey, a guy or a franchise can dream!

Apparently this isn't the first time they've monitored a players' high-fives ...