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Carlos Hyde gets fined over $9,000 by the NFL for flexing at Cardinals players

These taunting penalties are out of control.

You know what’s fun? Seeing NFL players celebrate a great play, as Carlos Hyde did in last Thursday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals. You know what’s not fun? Seeing every fun celebration penalized by the NFL for taunting.

The 49ers running back had a 7-yard gain for a first down in the second quarter of Thursday Night Football, and after the play, Hyde flexed his biceps at Cardinals defenders. He was flagged for taunting.

On Friday, Hyde was fined $9,115 for the flex, according to Tom Pelissero.

The NFL’s rules against taunting include a broad array of celebrations, from sexually suggestive dances, like Antonio Brown’s twerking, to mock violence, which encompasses Josh Norman’s bow and arrow celebration from Week 4. This particular celebration may fall under the category of “Incredible Hulk,” which the league specifically outlawed.

“The penalty hurt us,” 49ers coach Chip Kelly said before the half. “We talked about it before. We know that’s an emphasis in the league. You just can’t do that.”

Hyde’s flexing celebration dates back to his college days at Ohio State, and it’s carried over into his pro career. Honestly, at 1-4, the 49ers haven’t had much to celebrate this season. Let the man have some fun.