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Into Focus: Patrick Peterson only knows 1 speed

An in-depth interview with Patrick Peterson, who's never lacking for motivation.

In a league with no shortage of game-breaking wide receivers, Arizona All-Pro cornerback Patrick Peterson has managed to stand out as a consistent immovable object against seemingly unstoppable forces. In an extended conversation with Peterson, we learn:

• Why he was banned from playing youth football

• Why he was quick to accept playing defense and defensive back as a glory position

• His goal heading into LSU and a college career

• How long it took for him to grow comfortable as a college football player

• Who he looked to as a guide to becoming a leader, even early on

• The incremental steps it took to become comfortable playing at a high level in the NFL

• How he views athletes speaking up about social and political issues and injustices

• What he was able to do to earn the trust of veterans in the league, even as a younger player

Also, check out the Patrick Peterson Foundation for Success, and the work Peterson does with students everywhere.