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Javier Baez’s basket shot brings Cubs to victory

Saturday’s Say Hey Baseball takes a look at the four division series games from Friday, including Javier Baez’s game-winning dinger and celebrity fans wearing Jimmy John's hats.

Division Series - San Francisco Giants v Chicago Cubs - Game One Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

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A long day of postseason baseball started deep in the heart of Texas and finished on the North Side of Chicago with an intriguing pitching duel to start off the Division Series between the Giants and the Cubs. While Thursday’s action was marked by the AL teams attempting to mash their way into the Championship Series, Johnny Cueto and Jon Lester decided that they were going to try to make every batter they faced look silly, and both of them almost made good on their word.

For eight innings, the Giants and Cubs were in a scoreless deadlock. There were only 8 hits given up between the two teams — five by Lester, three by Cueto. Additionally, 15 strikeouts were thrown in those scoreless innings — ten from Cueto, and five from Lester. To top it all off, both men avoided giving up a walk. That meant that on this particular night, getting on base was almost a minor miracle. That also meant that this was going to come down to which dominant starting pitcher would eventually blink.

In the end, it was Cueto who blinked first, and it came in the bottom of the eighth inning. With the crowd at Wrigley Field on edge, Javier Baez came up to face Cueto. It didn’t matter that Baez went into this game 0-6 for his career against Cueto, and his relatively average .423 slugging percentage and also-average .150 ISO didn’t matter either — what mattered is that Baez managed to get hold of a 92-mph four-seamer and sent it flying into the basket in left field. It threw the fans in the old stadium into a state of delirium, and gave the Cubs a crucial victory in Game One to perfectly cap the four-game marathon of playoff baseball on Friday.


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