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LSU and Florida players are pissed they’re not playing football right now

We wish y’all were playing, too.

So what do football players do when they would otherwise be playing a game? They take to social media just like the rest of us to complain about the circumstances. LSU-Florida got cancelled, and the players involved certainly had quite a bit of displeasure about it.

There was no way to see this coming earlier in the week, but the weather ended up being absolutely perfect in Gainesville. We’re glad Hurricane Matthew steered a little bit wider out into the Atlantic Ocean and didn’t have quite the impact it was expected to. But the weather certainly makes you wonder what could have been.

Especially when you lump in the fact that Florida State and Miami are carrying on with their game in South Florida.

On the flip side, things in Raleigh are about what we anticipated in Gainesville.

Sometimes things work out in a weird ways and massive hurricanes end up not going where you expected them to go.