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Tom Brady’s suspension is over and everyone is glad except for the Cleveland Browns

The prodigal son has come home

Tom Brady wasn’t allowed to talk to his teammates or step foot inside the New England Patriots’ facility while he served his four-game DeflateGate suspension last month. Suffice to say, his long awaited return against the Cleveland Browns Sunday may have been the most anticipated moment of the season to date.

Brady, per usual, strutted into the stadium with a dapper suit. Defensive end Jabaal Sheard, meanwhile, decided to wear Brady’s jersey.

Though the game is in Cleveland, Brady received a hero’s welcome when he ran onto the field.

These Pats fans trekked to Cleveland from far and wide (Michigan) to see the return of their king.


Julian Edelman completed the pass. The Pats scored on the same possession.

He’s really back y’all.

After the second New England TD, which he threw, the crowd started up a chant for the GOAT.

“Sorry Cleveland, we know it’s your stadium and all but we’re still going to drown out your fans in worship of our hero and savior.” — Patriots fans, probably.

Throughout the game his play has been sharp, like he never left at all. During his suspension, he worked out with trainer Alex Guerrero, and practiced throwing with former New England receiver Wes Walker, according to the AP. Gisele Bundchen helped out, too.

He’s got three touchdown passes this game, all caught by Bennett.

Leave it to Brady to come off a suspension only to help a teammate have the most productive game of his career.