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The NFL’s crackdown on fun worked. Touchdown celebrations were incredibly lame in Week 5


The NFL has gotten serious about celebrations. Last week, we saw a player get in trouble for shooting a bow and arrow, then the NFL banned “sexually suggestive acts“ (thanks Antonio Brown) without really specifying what that meant.

Their list of appropriate celebrations includes spiking (as long as it’s not at an opponent), bowing to the ground, saluting the crowd and also hugs.

This is all for the sake of the children attending NFL games.

In fact, Jets WR Brandon Marshall said he would twerk if he scored against the Steelers this week as tribute to Brown. Then he scored and didn’t do anything. He was only thinking of the kids.

Andrew Hawkins wasn’t taking any chances, either.

Nothing gets the crowd going like placing the ball on the ground and walking stiffly away!

In the same game, Martellus Bennett caught a Tom Brady pass for a TD and tried out one of the NFL’s suggestions, spiking. But NOT at any opposing player!

Is that even a spike...?

Brady is back after his four-game suspension and his arm is still fire. But only when it comes to throwing, it seems. After a first down he threw up this ... dab?

The Browns coach behind him looks on disapprovingly.

Washington’s Chris Baker gave an all-too-enthusiastic chest bump to Joe Barry.

This could be excessive, but maybe if Baker can play the bump off as a hug, it will all be fine.

Finally, it looks like Brown has been broken.

What a nice, NFL-sanctioned hug.

We kind of miss the twerking, though.