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Browns rookie Cody Kessler threw the ball out of the end zone for a safety

Cody Kessler’s good day ended on one disastrous play.

Legendary Ohio State head coach Woody Hayes is most commonly credited with the dinosaur football axiom: “There are only three things that can happen on a pass, and two of them are bad,” meaning that if a quarterback doesn’t complete the pass, it means he either threw it incomplete or was intercepted. He never met Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Cody Kessler.

Kessler threw that pass backwards trying to hit the running back under immense pressure. The ball skipped across the turf and out of the side of the end zone, giving the New England Patriots two points and the ball back on safety. Other than a pick-six, this may be the worst possible result on any play in which the quarterback actually releases the ball.

Turns out, Kessler is something of a connoisseur of silly safeties. During the preseason, he pulled a Dan Orlovsky and ran out of the end zone.

To add insult, Kessler got hurt on the play against the Patriots. The rookie had been playing well before the play. Football is cruel, however. This play was a total disaster.