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Ravens turn a pick-6 into a 17-yard gain for Washington

Ravens linebacker C.J. Mosley fell victim to one of the dumbest rules in football’s rulebook.

Baltimore Ravens linebacker C.J. Mosley intercepted Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins and appeared to be on his way to the end zone for a pick-six. Washington’s offensive players closed in on him quickly, however, so Mosley made a desperate attempt to put the ball across the goal line ... and made a huge mistake.

Because the ball went into the end zone and out of bounds, Mosley’s fumble was a turnover, giving Washington the ball and a touchback — a massive swing of momentum. If only Mosley had fumbled at the 1-yard line, the Ravens would have had first-and-goal and likely would have come away with points.

Instead, Washington marched down the field for a field goal, turning what could have been a 17-13 Ravens lead into a 16-10 Washington advantage. To make matters worse, Mosley got hurt on the play.

Mosley fell victim to one of the silliest rules in football ... and he doesn’t really have anyone to blame but himself.