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The Chargers' latest 4th-quarter loss came after they botched a game-tying field goal

Everything has gone wrong for the Chargers this year.

The Chargers have been terrible late in games this season. They’ve blown double digit leads TWICE in fourth quarters to lose. They had an 8-point lead in the third quarter against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, which they quickly gave away to a 10-point deficit. They appeared to be on their way to a comeback, scoring a touchdown, getting a stop, then driving to set up a 35-yard field goal attempt with two minutes remaining that would have tied the game.

Then, because the Chargers were involved, everything went wrong.

There was nothing wrong with that snap. The holder simply dropped the ball, failing to complete an action that he probably does correctly almost 100 percent of the time. The Chargers did everything they could do to give themselves a shot late in the game, and still fate intervened.

This has been the worst year for the Chargers, from near-relocation, to an agonizing holdout with their top rookie, to so many painful losses, to what seems like the imminent firing of their head coach. Our hearts go out to you, Chargers fans.