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There are too many great NBA MVP candidates to count

Recapping Week 1 in the NBA, which featured so many standout individual performances.

How about that first week in the NBA? So many great games, so many standout performances, so much angst about one team in particular.

To help us appreciate it all, Zito Madu, personality extraordinaire, joins the show. Among the topics discussed:

  • Should we panic about the Warriors? (No, but maybe we should worry a liiiittle bit).
  • Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs look juuuuuust fine.
  • Can the Anthony Davis era be salvaged in New Orleans? Small picture: They’ll get better once Jrue Holiday returns. Big picture: ehhhhhh.
  • Does it even matter if the Thunder are any good? We get to see Russell Westbrook dominate all the same.
  • We each pick one team we were high on before the season that is already starting to make us look dumb.
  • Can Damian Lillard wedge his way into the MVP conversation if he keeps this up?
  • Most importantly: Is there more star parity in the NBA than we originally thought? It sure feels like there have been more standout individual performances this year. Other than the Warriors and Cavaliers, are the rest of the league’s stars spread evenly across many teams? And is that good for the NBA, or the players themselves?

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