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Ezekiel Elliott won't stop roasting Dak Prescott for his shoes

Prescott got in his own jabs, too.

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott have combined for endless amounts of entertainment on the field. They've collectively led the Cowboys to a 6-1 start and the best record in the NFC, and oh yeah, they're both rookies.

Prescott has been great in Tony Romo’s absence, throwing for 1,773 yards to go with nine touchdowns and just two picks. Elliott has rushed for 799 yards and five touchdowns. He’s leading the NFL in rushing, and has truly lived up to expectations. He’s even been owning interviews with no pants on like a veteran.

While they're in sync on the field, off the field there's one thing they haven't been able to agree on: Elliott has been a harsh critic of Prescott’s shoe game. There's nothing like torching a pair of shoes.

Zeke's critiques

Prescott received a new pair of kicks and Elliott was quick to roast them:

Elliott was back at it the next day, chasing Prescott around the locker room and telling he needed to throw his sneakers away:

Dak's attacks

As competitors do, Prescott went back after Elliott, but it was a lack of sneakers that Prescott laughed about:

Eventually Elliott would get some shoes on, and Dak could only laugh at what Zeke was wearing:

Mutual respect

Elliott did end up praising Dak for a pair of his shoes, when Prescott rocked a pair of Yeezys. You can't hate on those.

The duo have good chemistry on the field, and this shows that it's there off the field as well. It's also easier to play with people you like, and only guys that are friends could do something like make fun of each other's sneakers.