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Seahawks settle for field goal after what sure seemed like a touchdown against the Patriots

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Seahawks fans are going to be maaad at the referees if they lose this game.

The Seahawks came very close to scoring a touchdown in the fourth quarter when running back C.J. Prosise plunged into the goal line. Referees called Prosise down short of the end zone, but replays sure made it seem like the ball crossed the goal line for a score, enough so that Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll threw a challenge flag.

Referees disagreed, or at least didn’t see enough to overturn the play in their mind. Take a look for yourself.

The call ended up being significant. On the next play, the Seahawks took a false start penalty that backed them up from the 1-yard line to the 6. After an incomplete pass, the Seahawks kicked a field goal on fourth down to take a one-point lead, 25-24.

They would have much preferred seven points and a field goal-proof lead as this game enters its final minutes. Instead they settled for three AND lost a timeout. This is shaping up to be a tight finish, so whatever happens, expect a lot of attention to come back to this play.