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The 5 best moments from the Cowboys-Steelers thriller

It was a fun game, so let’s relive the highlights.

Dallas Cowboys v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

We had what might have been our most exciting game of the NFL season Sunday afternoon when the Cowboys beat the Steelers in a 35-30 thriller. The two teams exchanged leads seven times and combined for numerous great plays.

The game at Heinz Field was a battle that had both teams throwing blows back and forth for four quarters. Ultimately, the Cowboys were able to get the last laugh and the victory on the road. We saw long passes, trick plays, and awkward hugs — and that was in the last 17 minutes of the game alone.

So let’s relive some of the top moments from arguably the most entertaining game of the season.

1st Quarter, 0:12 - Ezekiel Elliott’s 83-yard touchdown

Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott combined for Prescott’s longest passing touchdown of his career on this screen, which was finished off by Cowboy blockers and Zeke’s speed.

That cut the Cowboys’ deficit to 12-10.

3rd Quarter, 1:35 - Dez Bryant’s 50-yard touchdown

Dez Bryant, who was playing just a day after his father passed away, came up with a huge play for the Cowboys when they needed it most, and gave them their first lead of the second half thanks to a sweet pass from Prescott.

The touchdown put the Cowboys up 23-18.

4th quarter, 7:51 - The Steelers sabotaged their own 2-point conversion attempt

Ben Roethlisberger almost made an amazing shovel/flip pass for two points, but Fitzgerald Toussaint got in the way of what would have been a much easier grab for tight end Jesse James.

The Steelers held on to a one-point lead, 24-23.

4th quarter, 0:42 - The Steelers’ fake-spike touchdown to Antonio Brown

The Cowboys were frozen. After Roethlisberger faked the spike late in the fourth quarter, he connected with Antonio Brown for a perfectly executed play that gave them a lead with 42 seconds remaining.

The Steelers were back on top, 30-29.

4th quarter, 0:09 - Ezekiel Elliott’s game-winning touchdown run

Elliott just ran straight through like it was nothing. He said after the game, "It parted like the Red Sea. All I had to do was run." That sounds like a pretty accurate description of what happened here.

That sealed it for the Cowboys, 35-30.

4th quarter, 0:00 - Jerry Jones’ awkward celebration!

Because it wouldn’t be a dramatic Cowboys victory without one.

Hopefully we get plenty more games just like this one. It’s what the fans want, and what the NFL needs for better ratings.