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Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski suffered a chest injury against the Seahawks, per report

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Gronk suffers a scary injury.

Seattle Seahawks v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks played one heck of a game Sunday night, in which the Seahawks got the last laugh.

But the Patriots may have lost more than just the game. It turns out, tight end Rob Gronkowski suffered chest injury that was initially believed to be a punctured lung against the Seahawks. A follow-up report from Adam Schefter said that it was not a punctured lung as the team first feared, but a less serious chest injury that wasn’t considered “overly serious.

The injury likely came on the hit delivered by Seahawks safety Earl Thomas, which Gronkowski described after the game as, “Yeah, that was a big hit for sure; probably one of the hardest I’ve got hit in my career for sure.”

Gronkowski wasn’t critical of the hit, and told reporters that it took the wind out of him, which has foreshadowed what we now know.

“It was a good, clean hit; nothing against it,” Gronkowski said. “I just took it and it just knocked the wind out of me a little bit, that’s all. If you’ve ever gotten the wind knocked out of you, you know what that feels like. Just down for about a minute or two, it’s a little tough to breath, but once it comes back, you’re good.”

Rapoport says that Gronkowski could miss just one game, but that’s quite a shocking and scary injury that the Patriots superstar has suffered — especially since Gronkowski finished the game despite the injury.

The Patriots are set to take on the 49ers next week and then the Jets the following Sunday, both on the road. If Gronkowski is going to miss just one game, going up against the 49ers wouldn’t be a bad one to miss.

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