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Dak Prescott ‘won’t be looking over his shoulder’ now that Tony Romo is healthy

The rookie sensation won’t get replaced on a whim.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Good news, Dallas, Jerry Jones does not seem intent on screwing up the Cowboys’ quarterback situation. The team’s owner said during a Tuesday morning radio appearance that Dak Prescott “won’t be looking over his shoulder,” i.e. he’s not going to get replaced by a healthy Tony Romo on a whim.

A lot of people wondered just how much room for error the Cowboys would give the rookie quarterback once Romo got healthy. It’s been a constant question asked of Jones and the coaching staff.

After the Cowboys’ dramatic, last-minute win over the Steelers on Sunday, Jones was asked about the quarterback situation again. He confirmed that Prescott was the starter. After that he said that he didn’t know why people kept asking him that question, as if he forgot about his own history of making rash lineup decisions for the team.

Romo will be active next week against the Ravens, but as the backup. It’ll be the first time he’s been in uniform this season since injuring his back in the third game of the preseason.