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Kate Upton to MLB: 'I thought I was the only person allowed to f*** Justin Verlander’

The feud between baseball writers and supermodels continues with no end in sight.

2016 LACMA Art + Film Gala Honoring Robert Irwin And Kathryn Bigelow Presented By Gucci - Red Carpet Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for LACMA

Justin Verlander did not win the Cy Young Award, which wasn’t that big of a surprise. It was a close race, and it was hard to predict who was going to win. What is a surprise is that two writers left Verlander off their ballots entirely.

Kate Upton, ultra-famous supermodel and Verlander’s fiancée, had thoughts.

That’s a screenshot juuuuuust in case the tweet disappears, but you can find the original here for posterity.

We here at SB Nation would like to weigh in this fracas.

  1. Justin Verlander would have received our vote.
  2. We said as much at the time.
  3. Please don’t turn your ire cannons on us, Kate Upton. We wouldn’t be able to withstand that kind of ire.
  4. Fred Goodall of the Associated Press and Bill Chastain of were the two writers who left Verlander off their ballots entirely.
  5. I have it on good authority that they did it specifically to get your attention.

Meanwhile, the BBWAA website listed “Jason Verlander” as the second-place finisher, so maybe this is all a big misunderstanding. Either way, Kate Upton isn’t very happy, and she would like to let the world know about it.