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Russell Westbrook smashed a completely unnecessary dunk all over Clint Capela

His coaches probably wanted Westbrook to hold the ball, but Russ had other plans.

This is savagery. This is hellbent fury unleashed upon Clint Capela for no other reason than Russell Westbrook felt like posterizing someone before the game ended. This is maniacal basketball.

Let’s take a quick step back. 1. The Thunder have a three-point lead. 2. They have the ball. 3. There’s seven seconds left, and all they need to do is run out the clock. Westbrook could have caught the inbounds pass, spun around in the corner for a couple of seconds, and waited for the Rockets to intentionally foul him for two free throws that could ice the game. Under conventional logic, Westbrook should have done just that.

Yeah, uh, no. It’s Russell f’ing Westbrook. He’s not about that weak “logic” b.s.

Instead, Westbrook ended the basketball game by blowing up poor Capela at the rim. He threw down one of the best dunks we’ve seen all season when his coaches would have preferred him to just hang onto the ball. He could have missed and given the Rockets a chance to tie the game — but Westbrook doesn’t live in a world of consequences. Unless ending basketball careers of innocent defenders is a consequence.

God bless you, Russ. This is the most Westbrookian play you’ve ever made, and we’re so grateful for everything you do.