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A U.S. high jumper found out she won an Olympic medal 8 years later

Sometimes it takes a little time

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Chaunte Lowe has been to the Olympics three times, but never medaled — until November 17, 2016.

She originally placed sixth in the women’s high jump.

This year, the International Olympic Committee did a reanalysis of samples from the 2008 and 2012 Summer Games and disqualified 16 athletes from the 2008 Beijing games for use of performance enhancing drugs.

Two of the DQs were women’s high jumpers, Elena Slesarenko and Vita Palamar, who originally placed fourth and fifth, respectively. They both tested positive for the drug Turinabol.

The original winner of the bronze, Anna Chicherova, was stripped of her medal shortly after the 2008 Games, after testing positive for the same drug.

So now, eight years later, Lowe has a bronze medal.

So I find out today that I was supposed to be in this picture. Finally an Olympic Bronze medalist 8 years later.

A photo posted by Chaunte Lowe Howard (@chauntelowe) on

The new medal list is:

Gold: Tina Hellebaut (Belgium)

Silver: Blanka Vlasic (Croatia)

Bronze: Chaunte Lowe (USA!!!)

Better late than never. Congratulations, Chaunte!