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Saints get yet another kick blocked, and the Panthers turned it into a fantastic touchdown

It's official: The Saints’ field goal unit is a disaster.

The New Orleans Saints had an opportunity to narrow the Carolina Panthers’ lead to just seven points just before the half on Thursday Night Football, but for the second week in a row, Wil Lutz’s kick was blocked.

Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly recovered the kick and ran it back for what initially seemed to be a touchdown, but the score was negated by a block to the back penalty on cornerback James Bradberry.

In Week 10, the Saints lost to the Broncos after Denver blocked a PAT attempt and Will Parks returned it for two points. The Broncos won 25-23.

Kuechly’s touchdown on the blocked field goal return was reversed, but the Panthers’ offense was able to put seven on the board anyway. Cam Newton was able to hit Ted Ginn Jr. with a ball in the back of the end zone. Officials originally ruled Ginn out of bounds, but replay revealed that he completed the catch in bounds.

The Panthers took a 20-3 lead into the half.