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Leonard Floyd released from hospital after frightening injury vs. Giants

Some good news, after a scary injury.

Chicago Bears rookie linebacker Leonard Floyd suffered one of the more scary injuries you’ll see on a football field.

Rashad Jennings was running the ball for the New York Giants when Floyd and a teammate were going for the stop. Floyd went in for a tackle with his head down and his head hit his own teammate’s thigh, compressing the top of his head.

Floyd immediately went down to his knees and curled up in what appeared to be a neck injury.

Bears teammates were seen crying after witnessing the injury. Floyd was taken on a backboard and carted off the field. As he was being carted off, Floyd showed movement in his legs.

John Fox had a promising update on Floyd after the game:

Later in the evening, Floyd was released from the hospital.

Floyd was drafted No. 9 overall by the Bears out of the University of Georgia. Coming into Sunday, Floyd had five sacks and 15 tackles on the season, along with one forced fumble.