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Dolphins take advantage of Rams’ 7-9 bulls**t for a comeback win

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They played horrendously for three quarters, and still won.

The Los Angeles Rams looked like they were in good shape to get Jared Goff a win in his first start as an NFL quarterback. The Miami Dolphins had other plans, though, and made a late push to follow through on them.

After the game, the Dolphins head coach, Adam Gase, even admitted to being a little surprised by the late comeback. Here’s how it happened.

The Dolphins received the ball just before the two-minute warning trailing, 10-7. They then went on a drive that lasted just over a minute and a half, and Ryan Tannehill hit DeVante Parker for a touchdown pass with just 36 seconds left.

It was the first lead the Dolphins had all game at 14-10. Before the fourth quarter, the Dolphins had done a whole lot of nothing.

Before their only two touchdowns of the game, 10 of the 11 Dolphins drives in the game were punts, with the other one ending with an interception.

Miami didn’t get its first third-down conversion of the game until there was 5:44 left in the fourth quarter. Through three quarters, Tannehill had just 56 passing yards and an interception. He was also sacked four times, and hit eight times.

They played as bad of a game as you could possibly play, and yet they were still in a position to win.

The Rams made one last heave after Parker’s touchdown reception, but it fell incomplete, with no receivers in the area.

The win gives the Dolphins five consecutive victories after starting off the season 1-4.

Goff will have to wait another week to try to win his first NFL start. The Rams will travel to New Orleans to play the Saints next week, and if that fails, they’ll be in Foxborough to face the New England Patriots.