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Pierre Garcon ripped a cheesehead in 2 pieces after Washington beat the Packers

Pierre Garcon got out a lot of pent up emotion from years of Washington losses to the Packers.

Washington beat the Packers soundly Sunday night, 42-24, and Pierre Garcon delighted in it. The Washington wide receiver somehow got his hands on a cheesehead and ripped it cleanly in two, throwing both pieces into the crowd.

No word yet on where Garcon got the cheesehead. It’s not hard to understand why he might have some animosity towards the Packers, though.

Washington doesn’t have a great history against Green Bay, losing six of its previous seven meetings, including 35-18 in last season’s playoffs. Not only did Washington defeat a team that has been a thorn in its side, but it improved to 6-3-1 to stay in contention for an NFC wild card spot.

I bet that felt good, Pierre.