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Kirk Cousins is dealing with blinding sunlight in his face against the Cowboys

Kirk Cousins had to drive directly into some blinding sunlight in the second quarter.

A small opening at AT&T Stadium allows sunlight to come through and unfortunately for Kirk Cousins, all of it has been directly in his face during the second quarter.

The mistake falls squarely on Washington, though. Dallas won the toss and elected to receive, giving Washington the option of which side of the field to be on, and clearly mistimed the sunset by choosing the side that was in the sun in the second quarter.

The sun hasn’t slowed down Cousins too much, as he managed to start the game with 12 completions on 16 pass attempts, but Washington has yet to find the end zone and Dustin Hopkins missed a 55-yard field goal on the drive most affected by the sun.

With sunset coming quick, it will be a nonfactor during the game in the second half, although the Cowboys have jumped out to a 17-3 lead early.