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Dez Bryant and Josh Norman butted heads during and after the Cowboys’ Thanksgiving game

The duel between Dez Bryant and Josh Norman was heated in a crucial NFC East matchup.

Dez Bryant and Josh Norman are a pair of passionate football players, so it should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that they aren’t getting along so well in a crucial Thanksgiving matchup.

The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and Washington cornerback shared words on a few plays, looking like friendly competitors early:

But things heated up and by the fourth quarter, the two were literally butting heads:


Officials did a good job at keeping the game under control, stepping between the two and keeping things from getting out of hand.

Even after the game, the two were still facemask to facemask, with plenty of things to say to one another.

Norman lined up across from Bryant for most of the game and the receiver finished with five receptions for 72 yards, although not all five receptions came when Norman was in coverage.

After the game, Dez Bryant yelled on his way to the locker room that Washington “needed to get their money back” because of Norman.

Bryant also added this:

And later regretted his comments:

It looks like the Dallas-Washington rivalry might have just ignited a new spark.