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Josh Norman says Dez Bryant is no Odell Beckham Jr.

Washington’s cornerback is now ranking his own feuds with rival receivers.

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NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Dez Bryant and Josh Norman carried their feud from the field to the postgame handshakes to the locker room after the Cowboys’ 31-26 win. It was great! And it’s not over, at least not for Norman who had more to say about Bryant in a conversation with Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

Norman pointed to the stats. Bryant had just three catches out of five targets for 32 yards when Norman was lined up against him on Thanksgiving.

“He's just another one of the guys that I face,” Norman said. "If you have a big impact, go off. But you didn't.

"I don't know if there really is anything to say. What am I going to go back and forth for? It's not a battle. It's not a competition when the other person don't show up.”

That was no doubt a reaction to Bryant’s promise on Twitter to expose Norman’s work in coverage.

He never did, and Norman beat him to the punch to get a leg up in the PR battle.

The best part of Norman’s latest comments, however, was when he compared Bryant to Odell Beckham Jr.

"It's not like with the guy from up in N.Y."

And he didn’t stop there. Norman went on to downplay Bryant’s role with the Cowboys this season.

"But it's not like he carries them," he said. "They carry themselves. That stuff he does, it's just extra antics."

He went on for a while during the interview, making the point to say that he didn’t understand why the feud with Bryant was a thing. In Norman’s mind, it’s not a thing because Bryant really didn’t do much on the field, at least not when he was lined up against him.

A closer look from Pro Football Focus shows that luck might have given Norman a boost in that matchup. Bryant had Norman beat on a deep route, but the ball didn’t get there.

Norman added that he hopes to see Bryant again this season. We do, too.

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