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Taylor Gabriel ran by the Cardinals defense for a touchdown like they were in slow motion, twice

Gabriel’s touchdowns looked so easy, they hardly seemed real.

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Taylor Gabriel is really fast and showed every bit of his speed on two touchdowns against the Arizona Cardinals that were close to mirror images.

After catching a short screen pass 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage, Gabriel mostly just ran straight with a few cuts to juke Cardinals defenders out of their shoes.

Then in the fourth quarter he scored another touchdown on the same exact play call from close to the same exact spot on the field:

Gabriel is listed at just 5’8, 167 pounds and didn’t get an invite to the NFL Combine in 2014. His burst and speed earned him a spot on the Cleveland Browns’ roster as an undrafted free agent, though.

After he was released by the Browns in September, he was scooped up by the Falcons off waivers. Atlanta made sure to send their regards Sunday.

Gabriel now has four touchdowns for Atlanta after scoring just one touchdown in two seasons with the Browns.