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Jeff Fisher and Gregg Williams were fighting over the Rams’ ‘7 and 9 bulls**t’

Only Fisher is allowed to make pathetic excuses for his terrible team.

For all their faults, the Los Angeles Rams could at least count on their defense to give them a good game. Not this week. A unit that was giving up an average of less 15 points per game has surrendered 35 points to the New Orleans Saints barely five minutes into the third quarter.

The backbreaker had to be Mark Ingram’s 21-yard touchdown that came on a screen pass on third-and-17. Read that last line again just for emphasis.

Cameras spotted Jeff Fisher and his defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, having a little discussion about it on the sidelines.

Williams should know that Fisher is the only one allowed to make excuses for his team’s crappy performance. After all, you don’t become the NFL’s coach with the second most all-time losses by letting your subordinates make the excuses for you.

That’s some “seven and nine bullshit.”

After the game, Fisher explained what happened, to an extent.

He also had a fresh excuse for the Rams’ loss.

“They had an extra three or four days to prepare for us, having played last Thursday night,” Fisher said of the Saints in his post-game presser.

Sean Payton was also pretty jazzed to run up the score on Gregg Williams, his former defensive coordinator and the man behind the Bountygate scandal.

But, sure, that’s a good excuse for this week’s loss.