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Janoris Jenkins seems to hate Terrelle Pryor, who has nothing but good things to say about him

Jenkins is not impressed by Pryor.

NFL: New York Giants at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

There appears to be a very strange relationship between Browns wide receiver Terrelle Pryor and Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins, though Jenkins seems to have a greater dislike for Pryor than anything.

During the week, when asked if it was a challenge to cover Pryor, Jenkins simply said, “No.” When asked why, he said, "Because he's another receiver. He's just big,” via’s Mary Kay Cabot.

Pryor had six receptions for 131 yards on the afternoon. One was a 54-yard catch over rookie Eli Apple.

After the game, Jenkins didn’t have anything good to say to Pryor, as proved by these tweets:

Pryor took the tweet and tried to kill Jenkins with kindness:

When somebody suggested that Jenkins was a top-three cornerback in the league, Pryor agreed:

Pryor was even nice in his postgame interview. "I've got a lot of respect,'' Pryor said to reporters, via Cabot. "I'm not going to go that way. Did it anger me? Yeah, I was mad because, whatever, I'm not going to go there, but I respect every player in the league, because it's hard to stay in this league and it's hard to be great in the league.”

In a week where we had what appeared to be a growing rivalry between Dez Bryant and Josh Norman, this doesn’t seem to be quite on the same level. Pryor clearly has a respect for Jenkins, who apparently despises Pryor.