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Aqib Talib shoved Broncos teammate Jordan Norwood after a muffed punt

Talib would later apologize.

Denver Broncos return specialist Jordan Norwood isn’t having the greatest day, and his teammate, Aqib Talib, isn’t happy about it.

First, Norwood muffed a punt in the second quarter, but at least he was able to recover it. Then Norwood muffed a punt in the fourth quarter, as the Broncos trailed the Chiefs 16-10.

The Chiefs were able to recover the ball, giving Kansas City possession on its own 41-yard line.

Aqib Talib wasn’t happy, and he let Norwood know.

On the next Chiefs’ punt, the crowd cheered for Norwood’s fair catch, which may have been a bit sarcastic. We can only assume that Talib was also happy about Norwood’s fair catch.

On Monday, Talib apologized to Norwood for the shove. When Norwood was asked about the shove, and if there was a problem between the two, he told reporters, "Definitely not. It's already squashed. Me and Aqib sat down one-on-one and talked a little bit and made sure we're on the same page,” Norwood said. “He's an emotional player; everybody knows that, everybody sees that. He wants this team to win, just as I do."

Talib told reporters, "We were playing football, we talked about it. It's all good, man."

"You've got to be in them pads and helmets to understand what's going on at the time," Talib added. "I apologized to [Norwood]. We're all good."

The Broncos have to be glad there won’t be a prolonged hostility there.