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Chiefs doink game-winning field goal through uprights to beat Broncos in overtime

This game could have only ended this way.

The Chiefs and Broncos were headed for an overtime tie. When Cairo Santos’s 34-yard game-winning field goal attempt doinked off the upright, millions of hearts sank. It appeared he blew it.

Somehow, he didn’t.

Denver Doink

The kick took perhaps the only angle it could to deflect off the left upright and still sneak inside the right upright.

The Chiefs beat the Broncos, 30-27, in overtime. They might not have had the chance if not for the fact that, four plays earlier, the Broncos attempted a 62-yard field goal and missed. The Chiefs took over at the Broncos’ 48-yard line, and needed just 32 yards to get into field goal range.

Any less than those 32 yards, and Santos would have missed the uprights completely. Or if the Broncos had punted instead and played for a tie, they likely would have gotten a better outcome (and yes, that would have felt awful).

What a great — and stupid — game.