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Aaron Rodgers went into this mysterious tent on the Packers sideline

What is he doing in there?

The average NFL sideline is fairly basic. There are benches, medical boxes, drink stations. Sometimes they have heaters. But, that’s usually about it. Except the Packers unveiled something interesting on Monday in Philadelphia.

A tent.

ESPN sideline reporter Lisa Salters was stumped by what was happening inside that box/tent. Rodgers had just tweaked his hamstring. She speculated that maybe he was receiving treatment in the tent. Or maybe he was going to the bathroom.

Considering he was followed into the tent, some sort of medical treatment seems likely. Former Green Bay linebacker A.J. Hawk confirmed the tent is used for privacy, both in treatment and using the bathroom.

Rodgers explained during the press conference after the game he needed his hamstring taped and wanted a little privacy for the occasion. Via Sporting News:

“I just didn’t want to be getting taped up on the television. But obviously, when I walked out and saw the camera right in my face, I knew there was probably some sort of mini story growing. But, no, I had to drop my drawers a little bit to get taped up and just wanted to do [that] in the privacy of that tent.”

We may know why there is a tent, but the actual tent is still puzzling. If large adult men are going to be going inside, why didn’t they get a bigger tent? What if some massive, burley lineman needs to go inside?

Also if they are really using that tent as a bathroom, how bad must that smell? Is there a bucket in there, or is it a free for all? For sanitary reasons, it also seems like there should be two tents. One for the bathroom and another for medical treatment. Combining them just seems wrong.