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Game 7 of the World Series delayed by rain before extra innings begin

The tarp was rolled out RIGHT between the ninth and the 10th.

There hasn’t been a rain delay in the World Series since 2008, which caused a rule to be put in place that all World Series games must be fully completed (there was a postponement in 2011, but it was before the game started). It’s Game 7 of the World Series tied at 6 headed into the 10th inning — this game must be completed.

Right now, play is expected to resume at 12:15 a.m. ET.

John Hirschbeck, the umpire for this game, said he “absolutely” thinks they will finish Game 7 tonight. Here’s a look at the weather in Cleveland. It’s definitely possible rain comes in heavily towards 3 a.m.

Right now, Aroldis Chapman has pitched 1 13 innings for the Cubs, while Bryan Shaw is at two-third of an inning for Cleveland. The biggest question is whether their managers will send them back out to start extra innings for the top and bottom of the 10th. It almost entirely depends on how long or short the delay is.

There’s a lot more information here about this game’s rain delay, and what exactly happens. No one expected this, but man, it’s made it that much more dramatic.