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The Cubs won, so the Arizona Cardinals now have the longest championship drought

It’s been 69 not-so-nice years since the Cardinals won a title.

Divisional Round - Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs. They won the World Series, their first championship since 1908, and ended the longest title drought in American professional sports, 108 years. Their World Series win now gives the Arizona Cardinals the longest championship drought in professional sports.

The Cardinals won the NFL championship — it wasn’t a Super Bowl back then — in 1947, 69 years. They were still the Chicago Cardinals at the time.

Arizona was a popular pick for the Super Bowl this year, but they’ve struggled to find their footing. They have a 3-4-1 record. Still, given the state of the NFC, it’s way too soon to write them off.

The Cardinals aren’t the only NFL team on the list of sports franchises still waiting for their big moment to come around again ... or even for the first time.

A lot of these teams have relocated during their title drought, several times in some cases, so that probably puts an asterisk next to it, depending on your opinion of relocation. Anyway, rounding out the top 10 list ...

Cleveland Indians (MLB), 1948

Sacramento Kings (NBA), 1951

Detroit Lions (NFL), 1957

Atlanta Hawks (NBA), 58 years, never in franchise history

Philadelphia Eagles (NFL), 1960

Texas Rangers (MLB), 56 years, never in franchise history

Houston Astros (MLB), 53 years, never in franchise history

Tennessee Titans (NFL), 47 years, never in franchise history