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Jeff Fisher thinks the Patriots have a running back named Danny (they do not)

Los Angeles plays New England this week, and Jeff Fisher doesn’t have any idea who the Patriots’ running backs are.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

During a conference call with the New England media, Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher was asked about the Patriots’ rushing attack, and he seems to be thoroughly unfamiliar with New England’s running backs.

Fisher did know who LeGarrette Blount is, which is good, because Blount is the Patriots’ leading rusher this season. Fisher said Blount holds a special place in his heart since he got his start with Fisher at the Tennessee Titans.

Blount went undrafted in 2010 and Fisher brought him to Tennessee, until Blount was waived during the team’s final roster cuts following the preseason and ended up with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Fisher also mentioned a “Brandon,” and he must be referring to Brandon Bolden, who is on the Patriots’ roster, at least. Bolden has contributed a total of 19 yards to New England’s offensive attack this season, and he hasn’t touched the ball once since Week 4. Bolden primarily contributes on special teams.

“Danny” was the other name Fisher mentioned, and this one’s a little more difficult to pin down. There is a “Danny” on the Patriots’ roster, but Danny Amendola is definitely a wide receiver. Amendola has had a handful of carries in his career, but so far this season, he has not been a part of the rushing attack.

There’s also former Patriot Danny Woodhead, who is a) on injured reserve, and b) is currently with the San Diego Chargers and has not played for New England since the 2012 season.

Perhaps Fisher meant to say “Dion” instead of “Danny.” Dion Lewis is actually a Patriots running back, and he just recently returned to the field for New England after being out for most of the season as he continued to recover from offseason knee surgery.

Fisher did not mention James White, which is curious, considering that White has the second-most carries on the team so far this season.

The Rams face the Patriots in New England on Sunday, and hopefully the Los Angeles defense has a better handle on the running backs they’ll be facing than their head coach does.

Maybe Fisher is feigning ignorance about the Patriots’ running backs to draw our attention away from the Rams’ ongoing feud with Eric Dickerson.