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Cole Beasley wasn’t actually mocking LeBron James with his celebration

He’s got saucy feet.

Cole Beasley and the Dallas Cowboys are in Cleveland Sunday playing the Browns. Beasley scored a touchdown, and did a celebration that seemed to resemble when LeBron James pours powder into his hand.

Many people took this as a dig at James, mocking his celebration in his town. But that’s not exactly the case. Beasley actually does this all the time.

"It's just the sauce, man," Beasley explained to SportsDay. "Pour the sauce on my hand and put it on the shoes. Saucy feet, man."

"It's just something I kind of started saying, you 'give a guy the sauce,'" Beasley said. "That kind of stuck, so I just stuck with it. It's part of just having fun and playing."

Keep it saucy.