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The Rams dropped an easy touchdown right into their own 7-9 bullsh*t

You waited two decades for this, LA.


It’s been a rough day for the Los Angeles Rams’ offense. But not as bad as it’s been for the fans who waited two decades for their team to come back only to be treated to Case Keenum and Jeff Fisher’s steadfast refusal to do anything but exude his special brand of “7-9 bullshit.” Finally, it looked like there might be hope and a touchdown, a real live touchdown!

But this is the Rams’ offense, a place where hope is sacrificed at the alter of mediocrity. Nothing exemplifies this better than a sure touchdown that bounced right out of tight end Lance Kendricks’ hands in the end zone.

go rams

Amazingly enough, a touchdown there would’ve put the Rams within a field goal of tying the game.

On the surface, it’s just another lost opportunity for their miserable offense, the kind of thing they do on a weekly basis. The reactions tell the real story.

First, there’s Fisher.

fisher reacts

After the game he will remind you that catching this pass, converting another third down somewhere, a couple bad calls and the Rams would’ve won this thing. THEY’RE CLOSE, DAMMIT ... the rest of the NFL is just holding him back.

There’s also Kendricks, who looks like he can’t believe it himself.


And then there are the fans, the people who actually paid to watch this “7-9 bullshit.”


Even the guy in the Packers jersey is blown away by this kind of incompetence.

rams bros

Rams bros already wishing they’d spent that money on a Lakers game instead of this crap. It’s alright, fellas. Fisher’s going to get it fixed, just a little more execution here, a good call there and boom.

Rams football, catch the excitement ... then drop it just as soon as it gets there.