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Raiders’ Marquette King celebrated a great punt by riding an imaginary pony

The Raiders punter is having so much fun this season.

Marquette King is the best punter in the NFL. There are a lot of reasons why he should be one of your favorite players — for starters, he has uncommon athleticism for someone at his position, AND he can kick the hell out of a football — but at the top of the list should be all the fun he has on and off the field.

On Sunday night, he pinned the Broncos up against their own goal line with a booming punt, and celebrated with what might be the swaggiest punter celebration the NFL has ever seen.

King hopped on his pony and rode it off the field, so of course we gave him some exit music.

King is going to find out soon whether punters can earn taunting penalties. We dare you, NFL.