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John Wall's questionable 2nd technical foul was called for 'inappropriate language'

A referee cleared up the controversy.

It’s been a week of bizarre ejections in the NBA. On Saturday, Paul George was thrown out for kicking a ball into the crowd and hitting a fan. That one was deserved and even George knew it.

With the Wizards down five with 33 seconds left, John Wall brushed referee Marc Davis on his way back to his team’s huddle. He was already on one technical and thus needed only one more to get thrown out.

Wall’s ejection appeared to be unjustified, but Davis cleared up the controversy afterwards, saying he called the technical for “inappropriate language and using vulgarity towards a game official.”

Wall didn’t believe it at first. Here he is in the Wizards’ huddle after Davis’ decision.

Eventually, Wall was escorted out and the Wizards were forced to absorb a loss without him that dropped them to 1-5 on the season. Bad times in D.C.