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Jimmy Graham had 2 one-handed catches and hurdled a guy in the 1st half against the Bills

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What. A. Performance.

Jimmy Graham is putting on a dang show against the Bills on Monday Night Football.

First, Graham had a spectacular one handed catch while holding the hand of the player defending him. Usually you see guys batting hands and other incidental contact, but he flat out held hands, and still caught the ball.

Later in the first half, he hurdled a Bills defensive back like it was absolutely nothing.

That was just the early part of the drive. Later on in the drive while we were all still impressed with his hurdle, Graham came down with yet another one handed catch to give the Seahawks a 27-17 lead late in the first half.

This one might have been even better than the first one.

Graham is just 344 days removed from rupturing his patellar tendon in a game last November against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

And here he is, doing things that guys can’t do with injury-free careers.