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This Division III lineman has two Piesman Trophy moments in 2016

Don’t fumble near Haston Adams. You will regret it.

Haston Adams, a defensive lineman at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, shows some excellent speed pulling away for the touchdown on this fumble recovery.

But let’s focus on one aspect of the play in particular detail: the shoestring recovery of this fumble in the air. Go to :18 in this video, and then go to :31. It’s absolutely breathtaking. Every coach tells you to fall on the fumble if it’s on the ground. How do you recover it cleanly and not break this rule? Don’t let it get to the ground in the first place!

Ok, so technically Adams did break the rule a month later in a game against East Texas Baptist.

When you manage to recover the fumble facing the wrong direction, turn around, and still make it 50 yards for a touchdown, nobody’s allowed to get mad at you. Those are the rules.