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Jaguars picked up the 1st delay of game on a kickoff since 2005

Jason Myers got called for the penalty, but the mistake was Johnathan Cyprien’s.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars got a lead late in the third quarter against the Minnesota Vikings, but immediately followed it by picking up a rare penalty that helped set up a touchdown drive for the Vikings.

Jaguars kicker Jason Myers was called for delay of game on the kickoff after the Jacksonville touchdown. It was the first delay of game called on a kickoff since Baltimore Ravens kicker Dave Rayner was called for it in the final minutes of a 24-7 loss to the Indianapolis Colts in 2005.

Prior to that, the San Francisco 49ers managed to get called for the penalty twice during the 2002 season, including the opening kickoff of a game against the Arizona Cardinals.

So, what went so wrong to cause the penalty to get called for the first time in 11 years? Jaguars safety Johnathan Cyprien got lost:

When Myers stepped back to kick, the official blew his whistle to start play, but the Jaguars figured out Cyprien was on the wrong side. Eventually, Cyprien ran to the other side of the field, but it ended up forcing Myers to just stand and wait, eventually drawing the delay of game penalty.

With Myers then backed up 5 yards, the Jaguars were evidently concerned about kicking deep to Cordarrelle Patterson with a touchback now unlikely. So, the team instead went with a squib kick.

It was scooped up by Vikings tight end David Morgan at the 20 and returned 18 yards to the 38, setting up Minnesota with decent field position. The Vikings used it well and snatched back the lead with a nine-play, 62-yard touchdown drive.

The 2016 season has been a comedy of errors for Jacksonville, and the team fell to 2-11 on Sunday with another weird mistake. Just three more weeks and the year will finally, and mercifully, end for the Jaguars.