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NFL might rethink that whole ‘no fun’ thing and review player celebration penalties this offseason

Expressing plays with their full capabilities, no need to worry about correctional policies

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Already this season the NFL has relaxed a bit with throwing flags on player celebrations during the last few weeks. That may soon become the norm if an offseason report can convince owners that the current rules are too strict (they are).

The league’s Competition Committee will look a “wide variety” of player celebrations after the season before making a recommendation on whether to re-examine and/or ease up penalties assessed to players for, well, showing emotions on the field.

After months of offseason Deflategate nonsense, the least the NFL can do to repay its fans is leak some of the talks, if not the full report.

Is there anything more entertaining than seeing what a bunch of rich old men have to say about what type of dancing is permitted by a bunch of young, hyped up athletes?

Yeah, there absolutely is. But this is the No Fun League we’re talking about. This report is essentially their Pentagon Papers. The last thing the league wants anyone to see is explicit definitions on what is and isn’t an acceptable way to celebrate.

The public needs to see this.

Oh, and easing up permanently on the rules would be nice, too.