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Terrelle Pryor agrees with Adam Jones that he was ‘garbage’ against the Bengals

Pryor took the high road when responding to Jones’ comments.

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Adam Jones didn’t have anything nice to say about Terrelle Pryor after the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Jones repeatedly referred to Pryor as “garbage,” and when Pryor was asked about it on Wednesday, he agreed.

"He was right,” Pryor said, according to’s Mary Kay Cabot. “I was garbage that day. One catch for 3 yards.”

Jones later said that Pryor told Bengals defensive coordinator Paul Guenther that Pryor planned to make Jones look so bad that Cincinnati would cut him.

Pryor said that’s not quite what happened.

Jones had also criticized an interaction between Pryor and Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III.

“Did you all not see him, when he was pushing and cussing at RGIII on the field? So I pay attention to everything,” Jones said Sunday, according to Jim Owczarski of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “I told RGIII how the (expletive) you going to throw him the ball when he’s talking to you like that? You’re the (expletive) quarterback.”

Pryor said the interaction between him and Griffin had been blown out of proportion.

Griffin backed up Pryor’s perspective.

This isn’t the first time Pryor has clashed with an opponent this season. New York Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins called Pryor “a Sh*t Eater,” and Indianapolis Colts punter Pat MacAfee even got in on the action after Pryor compared him to Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King.

Browns head coach Hue Jackson said on Monday that Cleveland is “going to try to get all those things to quiet down.”

“We just want to play football, be the best football players we can be and let’s get away from all of that,” Jackson said.

Still, Jackson said he doesn’t believe Pryor is trying to be negative.

“I think Terrelle is trying to come from a good place, but he has to direct that energy in a different way, and I think he will,” Jackson said.

The Browns are 0-13 and hope to finally get their first win of the season on Sunday against the Bills in Buffalo.