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Martellus Bennett says playing football in cold weather is 'sexier' like women on Halloween

No sleeves for Marty B!

New England Patriots v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Cold weather brings out the layers of clothes in all of us. For football players it varies. Sometimes we see them trying to stay warm, while others will wear the same uniform they would in an early-season game in September.

The Patriots will be playing the Broncos in Denver on Sunday, where the high is expected to be 29 degrees. Pats tight end Martellus Bennett is in the group of players who don’t layer up.

“During the game, we don’t wear much,” Bennett said via NESN. “We bundle up at practice, but in a game, you tough it out. You go out there, and you ball out.”

But he had a different way of explaining just why that was.

“Same reason women wear less on Halloween,” Bennett said. “It’s sexier. It’s cold during Halloween, too, but there’s a bunch of sexy cops out there.”

Marty B didn’t stop there with his meteorological comparisons, either:

Bennett also likes that the elements are a part of football. “Football, we’re the only sport that doesn’t cancel,” he said. “The only thing that cancels us out is lightning. We play through everything. That’s what makes this sport so cool.”

In terms of an entertainment factor for fans, seeing the breath of players on the field so clearly while in short sleeves always serves as a good reminder of the toughness that NFL players bring to the game.