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Rams players weren't allowed to talk to owner Stan Kroenke, claims one former player

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The Rams owner is not a fan of interacting with his employees.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to tell whether Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke is a real person or a cartoon villain who lights his cigars with cash and ties people to railroad tracks. Former Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins related a story about Kroenke offering some evidence that points to the latter.

Appearing on NBC Sports Radio, Jenkins said that Rams players were told not to talk to the owner on the rare occasion that he was actually around the team.

From Jenkins:

“They said, if you ever see Stan come around the facility don’t speak to him, once I heard that my rookie year I just knew I wasn’t going to be comfortable, because when he came around it was like everybody better be straightforward nobody better not look at him, it was like kind of crazy.”

We only have Jenkins’ word to go on, but it really doesn’t seem all that surprising. Remember when Kroenke had the restroom cleared out and blocked off by his goons at a Vikings game last season so the commoners couldn’t see him use the facilities? He did it three times during that game!

As a real estate mogul who married into the Walton (aka Walmart) family, he’s also done nice guy stuff like kick people out of their homes on the land they were leasing.

Kroenke realized his long-time goal of moving the team to Los Angeles with the promise of building the NFL a shiny new palace. Unfortunately, the team on the field isn’t very good and the warm reception fans gave the Rams upon their return home has since turned to boos and, worse, empty seats.

If there’s a bright side for Kroenke, fans turning away from the Rams at least means fewer chances of him having to interact with regular people.