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Eric Dickerson wants to know ‘where are the naked pictures’ or whatever it is keeping Jeff Fisher employed

Dickerson is just as dumbfounded with Fisher’s continuous employment as the rest of the NFL.

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams and the franchise’s most recognizable alum, Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson, are mending fences. Dickerson revealed Friday during an interview with ESPN that he had a “very good” three-hour meeting with Rams executive VP Kevin Demoff to resolve the rift between Dickerson and the team.

But he’s not giving head coach Jeff Fisher any quarter. Dickerson said that he will not go around the team at all until Fisher is gone.

“I will not go back to the games as long as Jeff Fisher is there,” Dickerson said. “I don’t have a vendetta against Jeff at all ... but no, I won’t, because I felt like the call to me was a very disrespectful call.”

Dickerson said that Demoff told him that Fisher had not been officially sanctioned by the team to make the phone call to Dickerson, during which the coach told Dickerson that he wasn’t welcome around the team as long as he was being critical of it. Demoff was initially going to call Dickerson, but Fisher intervened and wanted to make it himself.

“That is on Jeff Fisher, when he called and what he said to me,” Dickerson said. “... I felt like the call to me was a very disrespectful call. It was like I'm a kid and he's putting me on notice.”

Demoff made it clear to Dickerson that he was welcome with the team. And Dickerson reiterated that he will always be a Ram. But he’s not coming back as long as Fisher is on the sideline.

"One thing with me: If I say something, I stand by it,” Dickerson said. “I will not go back to the games as long as Jeff Fisher is there. ... I don't have a vendetta against Jeff at all.

"I think this football team would do better without Jeff. That's just my opinion. He's had five years to turn this team around and he's had all losing seasons."

If that’s the case, Dickerson might not be around the team for a long time. Demoff defended Fisher in the midst of this week’s controversy, echoing one of the very same excuses Fisher has held up after losses this season.

“Everybody will want to judge Jeff through the prism of just the record, but that's totally unfair when you look at the set of circumstances he was handed this year,” Demoff told NFL Network’s Steve Wyche.

“It's easy to talk about the record, but you have to take a snapshot of everything this year and give him the credit that he's due.”

In a later interview with Colin Cowherd, Dickerson said that during his conversation with Demoff he asked if Fisher was coming back. Demoff demurred and asked the Hal of Famer what he thought about it.

“Why would you bring him back,” Dickerson asked. “I asked him, I said where are the naked pictures at? He must have got something on someone, because five years is enough.”