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Browns won, so this Cleveland weatherman finally got to shave his beard

He said he wasn’t shaving until the Browns won a game, and they sure did.

Cleveland-area weatherman and lifelong Browns fan Scott Sabol started growing a beard in September, and he said he wouldn’t shave it until the Browns won or the season was over. Well, Cleveland finally delivered with a 20-17 win over the San Diego Chargers in Week 16, and now Sabol is clean shaven.

According to Sabol’s colleague at FOX 8, Jessica Dill, this beard-shaving process took two full hours. That pales in comparison to the 16 weeks Sabol spent watching his facial hair grow like the number in the Browns’ loss column.

The beard started off like any normal beard. Here it is in October, when we all thought, “Surely the Browns will win a single game before Week 16.”

But the Browns kept losing, and the beard continued to grow.

Not only did Sabol mercifully get to shave his beard, but he had it done live on the air, to the enjoyment of many.

If the Browns hadn’t beaten the Chargers, Sabol would have just had to wait for the conclusion of the Week 17 matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers to shave the beard. The Browns kindly saved Sabol one week of bushy facial hair.

Still, Sabol seems happy to be rid of the beard, and the Browns and Cleveland fans are surely happy about the team finally getting a win.