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Eli Manning says Odell Beckham Jr. should kill NFL refs with kindness

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Manning had some words for his wideout after Beckham Jr. ripped into the league’s officials.

NFL: New York Giants at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. went out of his way to complain about the refereeing in his team’s 24-14 road loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. On Monday, his quarterback offered some veteran advice about dealing with the men in stripes.

Eli Manning went on Mike Francesca’s radio show to talk about Sunday’s loss and offered some insight into his relationship with the referees after 13 seasons in the league.

"He's got to be careful of that,” Manning told Francesca. “I think that with officials, you want to kill them with kindness. They've got a job to do and they're going to do it to the best of their ability.

“If you start jabbing at them and talking at them, that's not going to help your case. That's not going to help you get calls if they're close.”

Beckham expressed his frustrations with the officiating during and after the game, at one point complaining his concerns about pass interference were brusquely dismissed.

But Manning thinks there’s a way he can avoid these issues in the future.

“He's got to learn to be a good guy and learn how to warm up to those guys so he can get some calls," he told the longtime New York City radio host.

Beckham wasn’t the only Giants receiver the two-time Super Bowl champion touched on. Victor Cruz spoke out Sunday night after failing to earn a single target in the loss to the Steelers.

“There’s always opportunities for everybody to get the ball out there and I didn’t get those today,” Cruz told the New York Daily News.

Manning deflected his longtime wideout’s concerns.

"I'm not in the targeting business. My job is to go through progressions, reads, a lot of it just depends on the play and the coverage.

"I wish I could get everyone 7-8 catches a game. It just doesn't always work that way."